The Royal Tomb of the Machu Picchu

Although this building is not located exactly on the sacred Plaza it is however of great importance and is closely tied to the sacred meaning that this site had to the Citadel of Machu Picchu. The sacred Plaza houses the most important buildings to this civilization, whereas from the spiritual and religious point of view, which are the two most important temples of this city: the Temple of the three Windows and the main temple.

The Royal Tomb of the Machu Picchu has a character similar to the buildings of the square although this mausoleum is located just under it, aligned vertically with the Tower of the Temple of the Sun. The Tomb shows structure carved in the solid rock that was built to lay the foundations of the tempo and to then create the camera that there the mausoleum. Several of the expert anthropologists who have studied the various popular stories as well as the various treaties of the time, have confirmed that this mausoleum was built to quarter the body of characters belonging to the highest circles of the aristocracy. Because of this theory and also the formidable work in different sizes that are for whole House, step to appoint it as the Royal Tomb of the Machu Picchu, because it housed the body of the highest representative office of the nobility, which would be the King of their own.

The different engravings carved all the walls of the Royal Tomb show a sublime job. The engravings are extended towards abroad where, on the right side of the grave, still you can appreciate the fine work carved in the rock representing all kinds of sacred symbols and even a construction in the form of House with three tiers which represents the symbol of the Pachamama. This symbol was very important for the city and its construction is carried out in such way that blurs symmetrically with the rock which is based at the Temple of the Sun being both perfectly aligned buildings. This method of building was very characteristic of this civilization, which based their architectural work on the spiritual symbolism and religious buildings attributed to the city.

The inside of the Tomb architecture presents a perfect compilation of carved rocks stacked in perfect symmetry, forming the different walls of the House. The walls of the House were built in order to serve as a space for the burial of the different members of the high aristocracy, so it presents four niches embedded in the walls as large as the doors. In the highest part of the walls you can see a series of cylinders built in stone that might have served as a support system to sustain ornamentation to the grave or the necessary equipment for the tasks of Tomb. However, these cylindrical parts also resemble a typical set of sleepers that they held the foundations of the vault. The stairs of the Royal Tomb are a set of sources connected that make up a water canal.

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