Other information: schedules, regulation of visits and recommendations

The National Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu, which includes the ruins of the Inca civilization in the area of Machu Picchu and Wayana Picchu, as well as the Inca Trail, part of the historical heritage of humanity since in 1983 Unesco will grant them such a distinction. Since such indicated date, the Peru Government has demonstrated its commitment to preserve such wonder of the story, at the same time that shared with millions of visitors every year, so it has imposed a series of schedules, regulations of visits and restrictions to continue to guarantee the welfare of Machu Picchu.

Schedules of access to the Park
The National Archaeological Park schedules have to be previously checked out because the Park has a capacity limited to 2500 visitors per day. The schedule of park entrance begins with its opening at 6: 00 am and continues until 4: 00 pm. The timetable of visit of the Park is from its opening until 5: 00 pm hour in which begins the departure time for evacuation of all visitors. Visit to the Archaeological Park can be done through different groups guided by what the schedules as well as the capacity may vary slightly depending on the route chosen, as certain areas of the Park have been terminated or defined only for small tourist groups.

The access to the park is granted with an electronic ticketpreviously purchased since there is not any ticket box, neither insideof the Park nor in the surroundings areas. The main Access Control Park booth is not a ticket box and no adjoining area to the Park provides such a service. Single tickets can be purchased through the points of sale authorizedthat the Government Administration Peruvian has distributed, although the best option is to directly on his official website www.machupicchu.gob.pe, where the traveler can acquire the electronic tickets of entry, which only are issued specifically for each visitor, which allows to facilitate the purchase of tickets from anywhere in the world the traveler as well as be able to reprint it in case of loss. Although there are two types of electronic tickets for access to the Park, the option of purchasing single Web page is available for the adult ticket. Students, whether either national or international, only can purchase your access ticket with discounts for students either in the offices of the Ministry of culture of the city of Cuzco, or at the Cultural Center of Aguas Calientes; for this it is necessary to have card international student ISIC (International Student Identity Card), which can be purchased at any of the authorized points the website contained in http://www.isic.org/student-card/isic-in-your-country.html. Below is a tutorial to make the purchase of the ticket at the official web site www.machupicchu.gob.pe:

  1. Select the type of route, the date and the number of visitors, well whether national visitors and tourists alike.
  2. Fill out the forms with all information required about the visitors. Be sure to fill in all your data correctly so that there are no errors in your reservation.
  3. Once it has been confirmed that the data are correct, make the booking by clicking on the button generate reservation.
  4. Below, you will be shown once again the information on the reserve before making the final purchase of access tickets. Once the reservation has been confirmed, payment can be made through any of the offices of the National Bank "Banco de la Nación". After the payment of the reservation, the electronic ticket will be ready for printing using your reservation code and the CHECK-IN option.
  5. Visitors who have lost your ticket may return to reprint it making use of the same reservation code.

Regulation of visits and recommendations
The essential requirement to gain access to the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park is possession of a valid identification document; for students, is required to display their ISIC international student card, but for national students only it is necessary to present the University card with current date.
Due to the category as a historical heritage that the Unesco awarded the historic sanctuary Machu Picchu as well as to the route of the "Inca Trail", there are a number of rules and restrictions for visitors. Failure to comply with the ordinances could incur legal action by the Peruvian Government, as well as the implementation of sanctions arising from such criminal conduct.

  1. No pets allowed.
  2. Banned out of authorized routes.
  3. It is forbidden to climb any of the walls, ruins and buildings of the city.
  4. It is prohibited to make inscriptions in the ruins (graffiti).
  5. Prohibited baggage of more than 20 kilograms of weight.
  6. Banned alcoholic beverages throughout the Park.
  7. Banned food in the enclosure of the ruins.
  8. It is prohibited to make fires.
  9. It is prohibited to collect samples of specimens, well whether plants, animals or minerals.
  10. Banned feed any animal species in the Park.
  11. Forbidden to throw any kind of trash, well either liquid or solid waste.
  12. Prohibited professional filming for commercial purposes without the permission of the Regional Department of culture.
  13. Banned the film or photographic abstraction of people without proper consent.
  14. Banned the use of sound reproduction systems.
  15. Banned camp outside the areas designated for it.
  16. It is forbidden to stay overnight without the authorization of the National Institute of culture.

The National Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu advised some of its recommendations continue to enjoy the most of your visit, which it respects and takes care of both the Park and its surroundings:

  1. Visit in small groups.
  2. Show a respectful attitude for the environment at all times, leaving no traces in their path, nor interfere in the life of fauna and indigenous flora of the Park.
  3. Always keep their composure, visiting the park with a peaceful attitude; do not make sudden movements or violent behaviors.
  4. Help protect and care for the Park. Please do not throw any kind of trash and pick up one that could have been dumped by other visitors.
  5. Promotes the conservation of the environment by making use of biodegradable products.
  6. Enjoy the local culture learning, respecting and sharing local typical traditions as well as different patterns of behavior of the culture.
  7. Participate in local events that bring you closer to this culture, helping to familiarize yourself and assess cultural heritage. Collaborate through donations with the various local associations.
  8. Hire local guides. Please refer to the staff of the park with a respectful attitude and always showing appreciation. The address of the Park welcomes all constructive criticism to preserve the environment.
  9. Show your disapproval and denounce to institutions, dealers, operators and visitors who violate environmental regulations.
  10. Buy only souvenirs in local markets. Never buy souvenirs made of plants or animals, or made or involved in non-biodegradable materials.

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