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The Citadel of Machu Picchu region is really in these days one of the most important enclaves for the tourist industry and hospitality which has been able to offer accommodation to the millions of tourists who annually congregate in the region of Machu Picchu to discover one of the archaeological wonders more proclaimed in this country, in its pre-Hispanic historical stage.

One of the aspects about the region of Machu Picchu that warn visitors with greater AWE and amazement is the wide range of hotels, hostels, hostels, Inns and restaurants where to stay or rest. This confusion by visitors is nothing more and nothing less than to the fact that the area of Machu Picchu presents a very abrupt geological morphology which is why land acquired an almost inaccessible geography for the man. However, the different resorts ever to spread all the immensity of Machu Picchu district within the district boundaries of the town of Urubamba, in the province of Cuzco, offering an excellent service for visitors because they are so isolated as the ruins of the urban centers of Cuzco, one of the most convenient alternative is staying in any of the available accommodation options.

The hotel industry has been able to establish well throughout the area of the region offering different options for all types of travelers and visitors; in this way, the industry ensures that the tourist community can be wide and varied possible to reach each and every one of the visitors. From luxury 5 star hotels suites up economic single rooms in numerous pensions and Hostels throughout the area filled with Machu Picchu eager visitors eager to know the history and culture of the lost city of the Incas.

The sanctuary of the Citadel of Machu Picchu is already part of the historic world heritage of the UNESCO becoming the attraction of greater tourist influx of Peru which hosts millions of tourists each year. This is one of the main problems which the traveler has faced since it has been generated is the high season of Machu Picchu. At this time of the year, usually between September and November, it is when most of the tourism is concentrated in the area, considering both international tourism and from tourism of the country itself. It is very necessary to also know the area of Machu Picchu receives strong heavy rains so typical of this semitropical atmosphere during the first months of the year, so it is always special mention at this time and is considered as the season of the year. Because of this inconvenience, we really recommend visitors to contact specialized travel agencies as well as making their own inquiries to delve more into the tourist aspects of Machu Picchu.

Below, classification with the different accommodation options:

  • Luxury hotels: 5 star hotel Sanctuary Lodge Machu Picchu and 5 star Sumaq hotel;
  • First class hotels: 3 star hotel Pueblo Inkatera and the four-star Hatuchay Tower and Hatun Inti;
  • Tourist class hotels: 3 star hotels like El Mapi, Hotel Boutique La Cabaña, Andina Luxury Inti Inn, President, Sanctuary, Hanaqpacha, Inti Punku and the Rupa Wasi Lodge, as well as the 2 star Plaza Andean;
  • Other hotels, hostels, pensions or hostels: the 3 star hotel Inti Wiñaywayna and Hostels Hostal Plaza, Machu Picchu hostel, Hostal Continental and Chaska tourist hostel, all of them 2 stars.

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